Why We Have to Stay Fit and Healthy ?

The world today is passing through a fitness phase where a person’s well-being is measured not in terms of his healthy appetite but by the number of calories he burns each day. Chocolates and fried stuff are past, green salad and organic fruits are in. Today, love blossoms more on the treadmill than in candle light dinners. Many big shots even employ personal trainers who keep a check on anything relevant to their health. People have become more aware about their health as work habits have become tough.

Healthy food habits have become a trend and diet charts are being followed. Physical fitness is a key to personal and professional growth. If a person is fit, he can show more productivity in his work leading to better career prospects. On the contrary, if a person is unfit, he exhibits lack of interest in his work which affects his professional growth.

Live Healthy Life

Eat healthy, Exercise daily and maintain good health if you want to lead a quality life

How to Stay Fit and Healthy Tips for You

  • Take balanced diet each day – Take fruits, vegetables and whole grains every day. Avoid high calorie, high sugary and fat containing foods.
  • Drink Beetroot juice for controlling high blood pressure – In a survey by London school of medicine, drinking 500 ml of Beetroot juice daily will dramatically reduce blood pressure to normal levels within 1 hour.
  • Balance work, home and play – Take 7-9 hours of sound sleep each day. As you sleep, your body goes into a relaxed posture while your conscious mind takes rest and your sub conscious mind takes care of activities like breathing, heart beat etc. Taking good sleep is mandatory for healthy life.
  • Laughter is the best medicine – Take some timeout to laugh each day for some time. This gives your feel good hormones a boost. Those with a positive attitude towards life suffer less with problems such as heart diseases, depression, insomnia etc.
  • Meditation for inner peace of mind – To relax your body and mind, meditate daily to keep you mentally and physically fit.

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