Top 5 Countries Must be Travel in the World


Want to take a timeout from work? Is the daily work routine making you dull? Are you a travel freak? Love to put on your boots and go off for a long holiday. So here’s a plan. We are going to discuss Top 5 most economical countries to visit which will be easy on your pocket as well. So sit back, relax and let’s read about Top 5 countries to travel.


Top 5 Countries Msut be Travel

This sub-continent is a land of rich cultures where you will find a lot of people from varied cultures. Starting from the Himalayan range and its snow clad mountains perfect for mountaineering, to South India’s beautiful beaches which will relax you from within and not to forget the marvelous Taj Mahal at Agra, also known as 7th wonder of the world. If you want to witness overall beauty, you are surely going to love Big rice farms of Punjab and Tea farms of Assam. India is a land of diverse beauty.


Montenegro Top 5 Countries Msut be Travel

This is a country in South Eastern Europe. This is mainly famous for its mind blowing beauty. Here, you will find natural wealth, beautiful lakes and beaches, fast flowing rivers and big mountains. There is so much to explore in Montenegro that you will never get bored here. It’s a collection of natural beauty.

Sri Lanka

Sri LankaTop 5 Countries Msut be Travel

Sri Lanka a country which is rich in Buddhist heritage and known for its beautiful tropical forests and landscapes. It is growing fast to become world’s fastest growing economy. If you are a wildlife lover, you are surely going to love this place as this is one of the 25 Biodiversity hotspots in the world. A large variety of flora and fauna in its kitty, Sri Lanka is home to 250 bird species. You can enjoy a lavish living at low cost prices.


Philippines Top 5 Countries Msut be Travel

This is the only Asian country where you can find Christian people speaking perfect English. A land of Natural wonders, historical places, arts and craft, shopping and recreation and beautiful beaches add up to the beauty. You can easily enjoy everything at Philippines at a much cheaper price. The cost of living for a month is mere $ 45. Now you can imagine how cheap this could be while you are planning a low cost trip.


Paraguay Top 5 Countries Msut be Travel

This is one of the cheapest countries in the world. You can enjoy diverse tourist attractions like Chocolate hills, rolling hills with green mountains, valleys and forests, various ecological and biological reserves too. Also known as the gem of South America, Philippines has the world’s longest coastlines and you can enjoy its vast array of 7100 islands if you love to travel in water. It has the world’s smallest volcano Taal, which you can check out. Overall, it’s a low cost trip.

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