Running for a Good Health – Tips and Benefits

Running for Good Health

Running or Jogging or Sprinting is an exercise of the feet where both feet are above the ground at fixed intervals while running. This is different from walking where one foot is always touching the ground. In running, the person can run at various speeds ranging from Jogging to Sprinting. Running had emerged as a need to hunt animals 4.5 million years ago. Since then, it has evolved a lot starting from competitive running in various festivals to the first Olympic Games taking place in 776 BC.

Health Benefits of Running –

  1. Improves cardiovascular fitness
  2. Reduces the risk of respiratory diseases
  3. Weight loss from regular running
  4. Reduces total blood cholesterol
  5. Increases Metabolism
  6. Strengthening of bones leading to increase in bone density
  7. Building strong immunity
  8. Improved self-esteem and emotional state
  9. Running can slow the effects of aging
  10. Regular runners stay in shape and have an improved body composition

According to age group, there are different speeds and distances for everyone. The speed of running and the distance to be traveled depends on the person’s age group.

Various/Type of Running Events –

  • Sprint- 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 1000m and so on.
  • Hurdles- 100 m, 200 m, 400 m, 1000m and so on
  • Marathon
  • 1 hour run
  • Comrades
  • 24 hour run

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